About us

Our mission is one Help you become successful in your career goals.

Our Story

CareerDots is a one-stop career assessment and guidance system that will help you stay focused on your career goals. As you are preparing for your career ambitions everyday by studying hard, choosing the right subjects and by engaging in the right activities, CareerDots provides you with the right set of tools that can help you assess your capabilities and connect you step by step with your career pathways.
We want you to be sure every step of the way by keeping you informed of educational and career possibilities. Old ways of planning your career in the dark are done; highly competitive job markets of today and into the future demand a better prepared workforce and preparation begins right here.

We have built CareerDots for persons who are serious about their future careers and who are keenly interested in building their foundations one step at a time. CareerDots is a user-friendly, web-based career assessment and guidance platform, enriched with features that give you the unique edge over your perspective competition. With CareerDots we say, go ahead, keep working hard and stay focused on your Career goals. When looking back at the dots that you have connected for your career, you will find us as your companion to success. Good luck!

Our Team

CareerDots is designed and developed by innovative and creative teams at Trans-Atlantic Business Solutions Inc., a growing technology, research, marketing, and training company. We love what we do best, adding value to your life by our products and services.

Our extensive work experience, spread over a number of years, with several government and private organizations especially with Department of Labor provide us with the vision to serve you.
The team that worked on CareerDots has also a system that powers Shared Youth Vision Program (YouthNet) in the US Virgin Islands' Department of Labor.

We enjoy sports, photography, small business development, exploring new places, and most of all adding value to peoples' lives. We are based in Boston and US Virgin Islands.


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